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The Gurri et al. 2020 Precision Weak Lensing Sample

We present the first dataset of spatially resolved velocity maps of weakly lensed galaxies. All information can be found in "The first shear measurements from precision weak lensing, Gurri et al. 2020, MNRAS". 

The sample represents an unbiased compendium of isolated/central galaxy halos that lay in close projection to a lens and that are expected to be lensed. All galaxies are sources at redshift ~ 0.1 - 0.15 (far enough for the lensing signal to be large and the source density high enough for targets to be common, but not so far as to be un-observable with a 2.3m telescope) and have impact parameters ~ 10s of kpc (which balances decreasing shear with increasing covering fraction as a function of radius), and predicted shears ~ 0.001 - 0.02. Typical source sizes are ~ 5''; i.e., large enough to be resolved under typical seeing of 1 - 2'' (FWHM) at Siding Spring Observatory, and small enough to fit within the 25'' X 38'' WiFeS field of view.

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