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The All-Sky Portable (ASP) optical catalog

This "All-Sky Portable" (ASP) catalogue has 1,163,237,190 optical sources stored at 10 bytes per source. It is presented as 15 zipped files of 9Gb total size which unzip into 100 ASP files of 11Gb total size. The catalog can be downloaded from the PASA datastore at .


Data are from the APM (, USNO-B1.0 and USNO-A1.0 (, and SDSS ( catalogues. Each 10-byte record presents J2000 astrometry to 1/10th arcsecond precision, red-blue magnitudes to 1/100th magnitude precision with PSFs and variability indicator, and flags for proper motion, epoch and, for each of photometry and astrometry, identification of the source survey & catalog.


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Eric Flesch (2016). Dataset: The All-Sky Portable (ASP) optical catalog.

Retrieved: 20:23, 18 Apr 2024 (GMT)

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