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Parkes FRBs: Archival Data

Here data for 7 archival fast radio bursts (FRBs) are provided. These FRBs were all discovered with the Parkes Radio Telescope using the 13-beam mulit-beam receiver. For each FRB, the entire search mode data is provided in filterbank (.fil) format. Also provided are archive (.ar) files of the 2 seconds around the time of the burst. The first three bursts were natively recorded in an older format (SCAMP) and these files are also provided (.dat and .hdr). A text file ( also gives the time of the burst, its DM and the main beam in which it was detected.


Filterbank data can be processed and searched using an array of software packages such as Heimdall (, destroy ( or sigproc (available via many means, e.g. Archive files can be analysed using the psrchive software package ( One can convert from SCAMP format to sigproc filterbank format using sc_td ( Additional useful software and scripts are provided on github ( All of these are publicly available to all.


For more details please contact: Evan Keane (


If you make use of this data please cite Keane & Petroff, 2015, MNRAS, in press (astro-ph/1409.6125)

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