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FIlaments and GAlactic RadiO (FIGARO) Simulation

FIGARO is a simulation of the low to mid frequency radio sky that includes the synchrotron cosmic web as well as traditional radio sources, such as active galactic nucleii and star forming galaxies. Crucially, all these radio sources are clustered with respect to the same underlying mass distribution

FIGARO is provided to allow researchers to test their synchrotron cosmic web detection techniques to understand the efficacy of these methods, as well as to understand how other radio populations might obscure or pollute their signals.


This dataset contains 10 realizations of the radio sky with 4 x 4 degree fields of view, with each realization offering a different view of the same underlying cosmological simulation. Each realization is provided in a hierarchical data format (HDF5) version 5 file, and is separated into five datasets: halos (dark matter halos); web (synchrotron cosmic web); agn (active galactic nucleii); sfg (star forming galaxies). These schema for each of these datasets is fully specified in the paper   arXiv:2106.07901 (

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