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Fast Radio Burst Data: High Time Resolution Universe Survey High Latitude Detections

Five new FRBs were discovered in a full processing of the High Time Resolution Universe high latitude survey bringing the survey total to 9 bursts. An additional 4 bursts are published in Thornton et al. (2013) and the data are available on Research Data Australia. Here we provide the observation data for the pointings in which the bursts were discovered including metadata for each observation. The observations are provided as filterbank (.fil) files -- a time frequency data cube with 1024 frequency channels over 400 MHz of bandwidth with time sampling at 64 microsecond time resolution. Each beam of data also includes metadata in the form of a psrxml file and a log of the observation (obs.start). For each burst, data are provided for all 13 beams of the Parkes multibeam receiver. The primary detection beam of each burst is given in the text of Champion et al. (2015) as well as the best-fit DM and UTC of the burst. Filterbank data can be processed and searched for bursts using the Heimdall single pulse software package ( and archive files can be analyzed and plotted using the PSRCHIVE software package ( Both are publicly available tools and can be downloaded in conjunction with these data for analysis. Related publication: Thornton et al. 2013 ( Champion et al. 2015 (link TBD) Petroff, E. PhD Thesis (link TBD)

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