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Fast Radio Burst Data FRB 150215

The fast radio burst FRB 150215 was discovered with the Parkes Radio Telescope in February, 2015 in real time. The location of the burst was observed with eleven telescopes across the electromagnetic spectrum including the first searches for neutrinos and high energy gamma rays. Polarization data was also recorded for FRB 150215 and the burst was found to be 43±5% linearly polarized with a rotation measure consistent with zero.


Here we provide the radio data from the observations with the Parkes and Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) telescopes. For each beam of the Parkes detection observation the observations are provided as filterbank (.fil) files -- a time frequency data cube with 1024 frequency channels over 400 MHz of bandwidth with 64 microsecond time sampling. Each beam of data also includes metadata in the form of a psrxml file and a log of the observation (obs.start). For the primary detection beam (beam 13) the 8-bit full-Stokes data has also been included as well as a polarization calibrator observation taken directly after the burst was detected. Details of the FRB time in the observation and properties can be found in Petroff et al. (2017).


Data products from the ATCA are in the form of "visibilities", the cross-correlation of each antenna pair for each time step (typically 30 seconds), for each frequency channel (2000 channels of 1 MHz), for 2 IFs which cover the entire 4-8 GHz range, for each of the four polarization states. These visibilities are bundled up into the "rpfits" file format which contains the relevant header information.


Filterbank data can be processed and searched for bursts using the Heimdall single pulse software package ( and archive files can be analyzed, calibrated and plotted using the PSRCHIVE software package ( Both are publicly available tools and can be downloaded in conjunction with these data for analysis. ATCA data can be processed using the miriad radio interferometry data reduction package (

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